How to Build a Brand, Grow a Business and Polish Your Presentation Skill by Mastering Consistency

Consistency offers many rewards to the entrepreneur and his business. It helps sharpen your business skills, grow your business and build your brand.

Running an internet business, especially on a shoestring budget, can easily leave you frustrated and unmotivated due to insignificant initial results. This phase of discouragement can totally ruin your business if you are ignorant of the importance of consistency in business.

Every bit of what you do with your internet business requires that you persist and do even more work. Just a little more and a little more. Eventually, you will get to that point where the little bit more effort you put in, becomes the drop that causes the spill. You will have reached the tipping point.

When I was preparing my first multifaceted internet marketing product, I would have many things in my journal to work on about the product every day. So daily, I would do some of those things and continue the next day, and the next day, etc.

It got to a point where I had finished every major thing I was supposed to do. This was surprising, as I would go through the journal repeatedly believing there would be something I had not done. I couldn’t find anything.

It was a wonderful feeling.

My point is that your business is like trying to push a heavy cart uphill. Though it may be difficult, every step you take moves that cart ever higher, and your business, from a lower level to a slightly higher one until you make that one last move – the tipping point move.

Being consistent requires dedication, commitment and discipline and requires that you set a goal and pursue it. No matter how small that action is, work on your business every day.

This may sound obvious and may not need extra effort to convince you that it’s important. I have believed in this idea for a long time but I have not been practicing it for that long.

Recently, I felt challenged by the remarkable feat achieved by Bamidele Onibalusi, a 17-year old blogger I interviewed when he was 16. As I write this, my guess is, he would be less than two years old in internet marketing, but he has written more than 300 articles.

At the time of writing this, his website ranks in the 12,000s on Alexa.

Even though I’ve always believed strongly in creating traffic with articles – because it makes sense, I was never committed to writing, for whatever reasons. In contrast, I’ve been an active internet marketer for seven years yet have created far fewer articles.

I wonder what I have been doing with my time.

There are other impacts consistency can have on your business – more that I can cover here, but for the sake of this article, I’ll discuss two.

1. Presentation Skill

Like anything you do consistently, your presentation skill will improve over time. As you persist you will find your thoughts become better organized and you expressions clearer.

Take Steve Jobs for example. If you watch his presentation video of twenty years ago which is available on YouTube, you’ll see how he has improved over the decades. Steve Jobs in 1984 was charming but he was even more refined in 1997.

The Steve Jobs that introduced the iPhone in 2007 was even better again.

When great ad writers like Drayton Bird, Clayton Makepeace and John Carlton look back on their old copies, while it was their best when they turned it out, they see a thousand ways they could have improved on them.

That is the reason I write articles myself. Of course, I could outsource these jobs and I do sometimes, but I do them mostly by myself since I know I get better as I do them over time.

You don’t buy experience; you get it by doing.

If you avoid doing your own presentations, you become an expert at sourcing and managing people who do things for you – and that too is valuable. However, when you do your own presentations, when you write your own copy, you become an expert in presenting your ideas and products to the market.

This is priceless because no other person can really present your products with the enthusiasm you have. It’s your product, you created it, you’ve seen it grow from inception and you, like no other person, know how it can change the lives of users.

2. Branding

You build a brand by consistent use of the things you want people to know you for.

You can do this in many ways.

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is one way you build a brand; your core myth is another, and there are other ways too.

We have all become familiar with brands like NIKE because of the consistent use of the check mark and the ‘Just do it’ phrase, and Johnny Walker and the ‘Keep walking’ phrase because they use it so often.

We got to know the Steve Job story and the core myth behind the Apple brand of computers because of the consistent telling of the story.

The relevance of consistency to a business sounds obvious, but in truth, it’s more difficult to be consistent than it is to admit its importance.

For me, I think knowledge of this kind is more important to the entrepreneur or internet marketer than the pursuit of endless marketing tactics such as practiced by so many people.

If you look at the right places on the internet I believe you can easily find information on how to use ClickBank, how to dominate Facebook or Twitter, or how to build a list. I also believe you can easily see results by turning the instructions into action.

However, when it comes to being consistent, or issues that go deep to the personality of the entrepreneur or Net marketer, lots of work needs to be done and a lot of challenging your natural inhibitions is required.